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Situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula, the country Sweden holds a colossal geographical and historical significance. With over more than 1000 years of history being a sovereign state, Sweden today holds the systematic parliamentary system along with reigning constitutional monarchy. In the country of Sweden, Stockholm is the largest and the capital city of the region. The city owns the population more than 950,000 citizens, and has been the capital since 1523. It draws the amount of interest and fascination that the capital city is comprised of 12 islands, and has more than 50 bridges. In addition to that there are many royal palaces, museums, old towns in the city. Apart from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo are also the large cities in the region. Meanwhile, top ranked universities are present in the country offering high-end education to the commoners and the foreign students. According to the facts collected from various resources to craft this article for our readers, it has been known that country owns the 1000-year-long sequence of history as a sovereign state, and the historical change occurred back in the 18th century.

- Population

Talking about population demographical data, it has been found out that there are more than 10 million people currently living in Sweden, and among which 2 million people are under the age groups of 18-year-old. Multicultural element of the country reflects in a manner that around 15% of the total population were born in the foreign countries.


The official language in the country is Swedish, however, English is also used widely for communication among citizens, in departments and sectors. English has been regulated as the official language in multinational companies, organizations and functional corporations. In addition to this fact, it should also be noted that wide-ranging degree programs and relevant courses are taught in universities. Apart from English, many other languages are also spoken in the country, such as Finnish, Kurdish, German, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Farsi.


Having the national treasure of the forests, mountains, lakes and coastal islands, Sweden consider the environmental protection to the highest degree. In order to save the natural treasure of the country, it has been a regulation since years that only one percent of the sold form waste goes to the landfill. While the remaining 99% of the total waste is reused or recycled to generate energy such as electricity and the fuel. Environmental companies in Sweden has been sharing their technological advancement, knowledge and working strategies to the rest of the world for promoting green generation of energy such as bioenergy, solar power, wind power, treatment of waste water and biofuels.

Since the year 2016, the nation’s name has been persistently appearing in the high rankings of the World’s Happiness Report Update. The state of Sweden holds the greater life expectancy and living standard which ranks among the highest in the world. To have a better understanding and deeper insight about the Swede life, our expert writers of the content writing service have garnered some informational facts about the country and its lifestyle.



The living expenses range differently depending upon where you choose to live in the country. Every year, the rents increase by 1%, and there has been issues like housing shortages in the country because many expats are arriving to have a better quality of life. This actively illustrates that at a greater extent, foreigners are drawn to pursue a life over here from all over the world. Due to the shortage of the housing options for the people, there are common first and second hand rentals in the country. First hand rentals are individuals and families that rent the apartment from the original owner, while the second hand rentals take the ownership of an apartment or house from the current renter. In addition to these facts being stated, there’s a real fact that foreigners and students only get to have the second hand leases, which do not last an entire year in most of the cases. This ends up with foreigners and students moving to new places and changing apartments again and again. According to the research performed by the content writing website, the average living in the capital city Stockholm for a family of four is 22,400 SEK (2290 USD), while for a single person is 13,000 SEK (1300 USD).

While doing grocery, you may find out that prices are bit higher than what you call normal. In Sweden, eating at home and cooking a meal together is a social activity; but commoners do head out for eating once in a week. A cheap meal outdoor can cost you around 100 SEK (10 USD), while the normal one will cost you around over 200 SEK (20+ USD), and a fancy dinner at a nice place will cost 800 SEK (80 USD).

Talking about the utility cost, they are quite manageable as compared to the higher rentals throughout the Sweden. The writers of the content marketing strategy uncovered that the basic utilities in the capital city will cost you around 1300 SEK (130 USDT), while in the cities like Malmo and Uppsala, they’d cost you around 900 SEK (90 USD).

It is recommended by the experts to sort out and finalize your living arrangements before finally coming over here. Things are easier to get managed if it’s sorted out already that where you’re going to stay for your time in Sweden.


All public educational institutions in Sweden do not charge tuition fees from the citizens, while the education quality is excellent as compared to the other countries. However, it is quite common in the country that foreigners prefer to have their children admitted in the international or private schools. In addition to this fact stated, it should be taken a note of, that despite of the international and private status of these educational institutions, the total cost of attending these schools is strictly regulated by the acting government. The prices can range somewhere from 30,000 to 100,000 SEK (3000 to 10,000 USD) on annual basis.


The country’s healthcare is excellent and has no competition in the world. It is government funded and universal for all the citizens living in the country. The Swedish Health Care System has been effectively functional that its prototype is applied in numerous countries all across the world. In order to avail the healthcare, you’d required to have a personnummer, once you achieve it, the healthcare visits will be around 110-220 SEK (10-20 USD). In addition to that specialist appointments will be around 4OO SEK (40 USD).


People in Sweden commute by bus, train and car on daily basis. Bus and train are the two most convenient and affordable modes to travel. It is easier to get around the country as these two modes cover all the stops and are affordable to the people. On the contrary, choosing to travel by car is the expensive mode of transport, and this is because of the high gas prices in Sweden. During the research of this article, the research team of our content writing company found out that, only nine other countries in the world have higher gas prices than Sweden. The gas costs around 16 SEK per liter in the country.


Openness, freedom of speech and acceptance are the vital elements of today’s modern Swedish society. There’s a functional and free press, right to express opinions and perspectives and everyone is allowed to participate in the demonstrations of any sort. There’s an ultimate protection of the human rights, everyone is respected and have freedom to practice their own religions. Rules, set of laws and regulations are not intended to harm or violate the rights of any individual, group or community; that includes people of certain race, color, origin, gender, gender expression, transgender identity, sexual orientation, minority, owning religious affiliations and language characteristics and more. There’s a practiced and prevalent societal belief that every individual is equal regardless of any classification and division.


Being termed as the ‘first feminist government in the world’, the acting government has a fixation upon the significant issues such as gender equality, feminist foreign policy and taking initiatives against the domestic violence in the country. More than half of the ministers in the government and members of the functional parliament are women. Through the establishment of ‘Swedish Gender Equality Agency’ and the set of the relevant action in the series, the present government has the staunch commitment to promote equal rights establishing gender equality in all the aspects of today’s modern Swedish society. Whether in educational institutions or workplace, male and female are treated with quality. In addition to that, it should be noted in the year 2009, the robust law passed that stated all the employers to ensure gender equality between their employees in the workplaces.

Having such regulations and acknowledgements from the government, higher personnel, employers and the whole society in general, women have the strong representation in every department, institute, organization and enjoy the equal rights.


Everywhere you go in the country, whether a grocery store, tax office or pharmacy, you’ll find yourself waiting in a numbered queue. The practice makes everyone to exercise patience maintaining the discipline. Many businesses, departments and the institutes have the tiny ticketing machines that provide you the numbered note, after receiving it until your number shows up on the screen. This actively illustrates the importance of discipline and time management in the society.

Speaking of the time management, it is necessary to remain punctual in your official businesses and social engagements while being in Sweden. It is not considered alright to be late for any of your commitments whatsoever; similarly, being so early at your meeting can also put people off, so kindly avoid that. If you have a meeting to attend, arrive 5 to 10 minutes early at the decided venue, but not more than that.

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There’s a mannerism of taking off shoes when entering private residencies in the country. Some people put forward the naïve explanation about the widely-followed habit that, Swedes spending most of the time outdoors are prone to let dirt enter houses through their shoes, and which needs to be avoided. While others depict it as a sign to respect premises of homes. Well, as the information has been conveyed to you, you must think about before keeping your shoes on when entering their residencies.


Keep in mind some important rules, if you’re invited to visit someone’s house for a meal. It is considered not polite to leave any of the food on your plate. In addition to that you should personally wait for the host to offer you the second serving. You’re supposed to thank the host separately after the delicious meal is over. It is considered as the warm greeting if you look someone directly in the eye, while toasting drinks.  


Sweden mostly has the seasonal cold and dark winters in the year. As little as only three hours of the sunlight is received in the northern regions above the arctic circle. In conclusion to these facts, yes, Winters are extremely rough in the country of Sweden; while in summers, it is blessed with the long days having beaming sunlight and the moderate temperatures. Sweden is considered as one of the most beautiful places to be at in the summer season. Most of the foreigners visit Sweden in the cold season to enjoy the winters in the beautiful place.

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