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Sweden is a country geographically located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Northern Europe. The country is filled with forests, glaciated mountains, lakes and thousands of coastal islands. In archaic times, the country was called Svithod. Stockholm is the largest city of the country with over 950,000 citizens. has been the capital of the country since 1523. How fascinating it is that a national capital is built on 14 islands and consists of over 50 bridges, old towns, museums, royal palaces and much more. According to the statistics collected from the content writing site, the country reportedly has an extensive 1000-year-long sequence of history as a sovereign state. However, the territorial change occurred back in the 18th century. Despite of being the member of the European Union, Sweden owns the personalized currency, ‘Krona’ which means Swedish crown. 


Speaking of population statistics, there is around 10 million people currently living in Sweden and 2 million amongst them are under 18. Over 85% of the population is living in the cities. Multicultural aspect of the country reflects from the fact that 15% of the population were born in a foreign country. Apart from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are also large cities in the region. In addition to that, Uppsala and Lund have the eminent universities offering world-class education.

The official language of the country is Swedish but English is widely spoken and understood in all sectors and regions. Organizations and multinational corporations have regulated English as the corporate language. Moreover, universities also offer degree programs and wide-ranging courses being taught in English. Content writing service reportedly mentions that apart from English, many other languages are spoken in the country, some of them are Finnish, Kurdish, German, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Farsi.



Sweden having the natural treasure of forests, lakes, mountains and coastal islands consider environmental issues and protection to the highest extent. In order to protect and value the nature, only 1% of waste in solid form goes to the landfill. Apart from that, rest of 99% of the waste is reused or recycled on order to produce energy, i.e. electricity and the fuel. Technological environmental companies in Sweden transmit their knowledge and working strategies to rest of the world in green generation of energy such as bioenergy, solar power, wind power, treatment of waste water and biofuels.

Since the year 2016, Sweden has been placed in the leading
rankings in the World’s Happiness Report Update. Nation is healthy, happy and
respect the existing individuality despite of owning the rich culture and



Sweden has the unmatchable human right’s reputation than anywhere in the world. Sweden was reportedly the first country for introducing the freedom of the press back in the year 1766. Today, Sweden offers the maximum children’s and women’s rights to its nationals and non-nationals. Freedom of expression, lifestyle and choice is given to everybody on fair terms.


The striking feature of the work life in Sweden are the short working hours; a practice unusual to most of the world. Sweden has been moving towards only six hours work day, the idea is to accelerate efficiency, productivity, fixation and having the leisure time to spend with your loved ones and family. The companies who regulated the shorter shifts substantially observed improved operations and bigger revenue generation. Toyota, Filimundus and other tech companies have moved towards the reduced work hours and more companies are expected to join the league in near future.


Ikea; one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the world. Currently being present in more than 384 locations globally, it has come a long way since being founded in 1943 at Älmhult. Their global reputation and business has been skyrocketing due to high-end service, uncompromised quality and products of ready-to-assemble furniture. It would be a no brainer to say that Ikea is business tycoon representation of Sweden globally.  


Sweden has always been prominent in the pop music genre since 1970s. The Stockholm pop band ABBA was a major hit and became the best-selling artists of all time, and kept dominating the global music scene for a long time. Even today, Sweden is the third largest exporter of the music after UK and US.  In the year 2012, Sweden greatly dominated the Billboard Hot 100 scene as more than half of the top tracks were developed by a swede having a major credit. Swedes are fluent in English and that is regarded for their victorious journey in global pop music.


Sweden is also a home to a common app, Spotify which we all have installed in our phones.  An app developed in 2006 to curb music piracy and illegal usage, today it is estimated to have a worth more than $26 billion along with 200 million users worldwide. Having further innovations in its content marketing strategy, it is estimated for the tech company to grow further in the upcoming years as more new artists are joining abroad.

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If you’re planning to go Sweden, you must see the beautiful Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis. It is the fascinating and majestic display of lights in the sky which occurs due to a natural phenomenon. Every year, avid observers gather in Abisko National Park to see the colorful drapes of lights forming and disappearing in the sky, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.  From November to March is the best time to see the Northern Lights, however it is recommended to dress adequately to avoid freezing due to cold temperatures.

Sweden is filled with natural beauty, historical lands and welcoming people, it is definitely a place to visit if you’re planning your next trip.

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